• Begin From Here: A New Journey Begins Towards a Better Website Experience
    Hi, July 2023 marks a significant milestone for Begin From Here, as a new team embarks on an exciting venture to revamp and enhance the website’s user experience. We are thrilled to announce that we have assembled a dedicated team of professionals who are passionately working towards creating a brand-new version of Begin From Here,
  • How To Make Money On Fiverr: The Complete Reference For First-Time Sellers
    How to make money on Fiverr is the dilemma every new seller wants to solve to achieve financial independence and stable income from home. Being a top-rated seller on the platform, I will use my experience to guide those seeking to release the artist inside (Spoiler Alert! It Won’t Be Easy). What Is Fiverr? Fiverr
  • 5 Best Productivity Apps That Can Help You Do Things More Efficiently In 2020
    In an age where smartphones can do nearly everything, the best productivity apps become a prerequisite to efficiently spend time on the smartphone. If you hope to achieve more with less effort and more quickly, then these 5 apps listed in this blog post can fulfill your purpose. What Is A “Productivity App” A “productivity
  • Can My Business Survive Without SEO? A Complete Guide For The First-Time Entrepreneur
    Can my business survive without SEO is usually the dilemma each first-time founder struggling with, the entrepreneur usually don’t want to add another “unnecessary” expenses to his/her website and the first thing that comes to mind is to neglect SEO, here, we will tell you exactly whether is it a wise decision or a hasty
  • Brands and Online Marketing
    Hello, There is a lot of websites over the internet as you know. How they are doing for their marketing program? How they deal with advertising over the web? The most simple way to know that, is to follow their Ads over the web. To follow how they present themselves, and which kind of marketing
  • VERO: Will It Be The Next Instagram?
    What is VERO?  VERO is the new social network that has become the top-ranked social media app on both Google Play and App store. This app was launched in 2015 with the aim to make a radical change in the world of social media and how people interact with it. VERO attempts to let its
  • 5 Tips To Speak English or Any Language Fluently
    A new language may appear to be a difficult skill to acquire. This method of communication consists of establishing a strong vocabulary in order to be able to express yourself. Some people may master the writing method and fully understand any kind of discussions. Meanwhile, they could find some difficulties while speaking and delivering the
  • Set Up Your Campaign Through Bing Ads
    The marketing process consists of several elements that allow a business to grow. One of the most substantial elements is advertising. This single component plays a great rule in running campaigns. Whether you are creating a marketing plan or not yet started, you should consider designing a marketing campaign with a clear target market. Advertising
  • Boost Your Manufacturing Sales Using Social Media Tips For 2018
    Marketing trends to use social media as a requirement instead of it being optional, despite the constant changing and improvement of this social world. Each year holds a new strategy different from the year before. This is why companies should stay up-to-date and succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. Manufacturers may underestimate the effective use
  • 10 Ways to make your website more visible on Google
    There is a lot of websites over the web, who advise you about the best make your website more visible on Google. We tried to make the things easy and help you to read the most important 10 ways to do that: 1: Add your website to Google Search Console, the is the most important step
  • 100 Most Popular Hashtags and more for Instagram
    Are you using Instagram and want to know what is the most hashtags at the end of 2017? Follow me, as I will show you the list of the most popular hashtag at now, based on 2 sources, the first is and the second one is ShortStack but I will update this list later, to show
  • Learn English by playing games
    Hi, One of the simple ways to learn English is by playing games, but you should select the best ones, as there is some of them push you to pass a nice time and to memorize each time, some words or sentences. A few days ago, a friend sent me a to link to play
  • Countable versus Uncountable
    All nouns are either countable (can be counted and be referred to by numbers) or uncountable (cannot be counted and are referred to by amounts). Countable nouns are counted by adding an “s” to the end of the noun, so that 1 cats becomes, for example, 3 cats and 1 girl becomes 45 girls. However, there
  • The Singular “They”!
    In spoken English, it is becoming common for people to use “they” while referring to the singular. A person might do this when they do not know the gender of the one they are speaking about. (Did you notice that I already did it?) Instead of saying “he or she” and in order to avoid the cumbersome work
  • Spelling Tip: The “i” and the “e”
    Here is a spelling tip that can save you a lot of time and a lot of spelling mistakes. When writing English words, note that the letter “i” comes before the letter “e” except when it is after the letter “c”. Sounds a bit confusing? Let’s clarify it through a couple of examples. For example, in
  • Learning English | The Present Perfect
    Hello, To learn English now, you need to understand quickly, or you will move way. Simply, The present perfect tense connects the past with the present. Best videos on the web about the Present Perfect  
  • Best Movies to Watch This Holiday
    After the year that we’ve had, you might be forgiven for wanting to lay on your couch over the holidays. To help you choose the best movies to watch, we’ve put together a list of 5 Christmas movies that are the perfect choice to keep yourself away from the turn of another year, the office staff
  • 9 Cloud Startups in USA You Should Know About
    The marketplace is dominated by companies such as Amazon and Google but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore the rest, you may be missing out on solutions that better target your needs. Here’s our list of 10 up-and-coming cloud providers worth a look. 1-ThousandEyes If your business relies heavily on Internet-facing content, you want to
  • Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts
    Shopping for a geek friend or family member? Tech gifts are the most popular and sought-after gifts out there, so we made this list to make it easier for you to pick up the best one. Snapchat Spectacles Company formerly known as Snapchat launched its first-ever hardware product earlier this year. The Spectacles are very simple, they’re
  • Top 5 American Companies Supporting Startups
    Recently, a survey directed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UNICEF showed that young people aged between 18 and 35 years old believe job creation and entrepreneurship should be the no. 1 priority for the United Nations going forward. These companies share the same goal by supporting entrepreneurs getting their startups in motion. Hewlett-Packard Commonly referred to as
  • Top 10 Best Holiday Tech Gifts
    For that special someone in your life that loves his/hers tech gear we have a guide for you that can make you the best person in their eyes. This gifts are smart, affordable and they will differently use them for a long time. 1-Star Wars gifts & gadgets With the new film Star Wars Rogue
  • Top 10 Must Watched Christmas Movies
    This time of the year is best to be spent with your family, snuggling up on a couch and watching a movie, that’s how your evenings should be. We have you covered when it comes to the movies part just get the snacks and blankets; we have listed for you the best and must watched
  • Should You Start a Business During the Holidays ? The Answer is YES!
    So you have been waiting for you big break ? your big chance to have a successful business ? well the holidays time is perfect for that. why? you ask, well here are few reasons to convince you : Most shoppers are in a buying mood. If you plan to sell products this could work
  • 10 Top Websites to Shop on for Cyber Monday 2016
    Cyber Monda is on November 28th in the United States, and its time to get the best deals with our list of the top websites  stores) to shop from. 1-Deal Genius Daily deal sites might not be at the top of your list of priorities come Cyber Monday shopping, but you’d be remiss to ignore
  • Top 5 Secret Ideas To Growing Your Business
     Growing your business, taking your business to the next level, building a successful small business is no small accomplishment. In fact, according to government statistics, only half of new small businesses make it through their second year. This list has tips on identifying growth opportunities to options for financing your business expansion, If you
  • How To Boost Your Retail Sales During The Holidays
    The holiday season is the most profitable in sales for the retail industry in the United States, if you are a business owner you need to be apart of that. To help you achieve your retail sales goals during this period, we have some tips for you from some of America’s best company owner, retail
  • Top 5 Tools For Web Developers
    Hello there follow Web Developers! Your job is hard, demanding and it requires a lot of assistance and  to achieve better outcome in shorter periods you must be organized. here are few selected tools that will help be more productive. 1-Databases A database is a collection of information that is stored so that it can
  • Top 10 Small Companies in the US for 2016
    Forbes has released its list for the best small companies in America, although everyone loves to see the list of the wealthiest companies small businesses shouldst be ignored especially the ones mentioned in this list because they have the potential to be Americas leaders in the business industry. 1.Quality Bicycle Products Bloomington, Minn. President: Rich
  • 5 Ways To Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Season
    The holiday season is upon us and its time to start preparing for it By being organized, owners and their families increase their chances for a happy holiday season — and a happy and prosperous new year.  begin from here and follow our tips to have a successful business during the  holiday season. 1-Have a
  • Top 5 eCards & Greeting Cards Websites
    In the last years, eCards have totally changeed the greeting card market. While some of the major greeting card companies create both printed and digitized greeting cards, many companies still prefer to specialize in either one format or the other. Here’s a list of 5 of the most well known greeting card companies. Hallmark Hallmark is probably one of the
  • Top Secrets To Building a Successful Business
    We all want that magical idea that can turn our small business to a successful companies, but it’s not easy It’s requires a lot of hard work and dedication but all this work must organized and targeted so it doesn’t go to waste. Begin from here with this few secrets from the entrepreneur magazine that can
  • Top 10 Richest People in the U.S. 2016
    Each year Forbes releases a list of the richest people in the United States, There are 29 US billionaires who rank among the 50 richest on earth, and they command a whopping $938 billion between them. Bill Gates seems to dominate this list every year and so did he for 2016 based on their Net
  • Top 5 Games For The Holidays
    From playing billiards on your phone to testing your IQ, catching virtual Pokemon to building strong villages and strong troops to attack other people’s villages, I wrote you a varied selection of the best games for iOS and Android devices to play over the holidays. 8 BALL POOL This game is one of the best pool games out there for mobile devices or even
  • 5 Secrets you Must Know to Start a Website
    So you are thinking of creating your own website and you are ready to start the process? well stop, because there a few secrets and tips you must be familiar with before diving into the web-building business. Take a look at what we have to say and consider everything mentioned in this article and we
  • Top 10 Online Business Directories
    Online directories  are about 25% of Google’s local search ranking factors. Adding your business to directories that rank well should give you an extra boost in the SERPs and create quality backlinks to your site. Take a look at our list for the best Online Business Directories : Google Listing your business on Google Places for Business should
  • Top 6 New Halloween Apps for Android and iOS
    The Halloween holidays have come and when everyone is busy with costume parties and coming back home to their families, you can’t have enough time to play on your PC or on your gaming console, so you may want to play games while you’re traveling or when your on spare time. In this article i picked up 6 high quality mobile games that are also elaborately considered and
  • How To Protect Your Website From Attacks ?
    Just because you have a good service provider, doesn’t mean you won’t get hacked. Web security is something you should be always think about. Begin from here with these steps, they are easy, free and they don’t take time. 1.Make your access control harder The admin level of your website is an easy way into
  • Top 5 Free Ways To Promote Your Website
    Who doesn’t like free promotion ? NO one! when you are done creating your website you need to start with promotion, and  there are a lot of ways to do that, the only issue is that you need to pay a considerable amount of money to use any of these tools. To make things easier
  • Begin From Here Business Directory
    Hello, Do you have a small company in USA? a startup? a small e-commerce website? or maybe a blog? If Yes, the first thing you need to do, is to delare that you exist. For that reason, offers you this opportinuty and for FREE, to add your website to our Business Directory. What you
  • Best Samsung Products for your Home Security
    Home Security tools have come along way, Some systems are internet-based, some operate with stand-alone cellphone units. Some still use a standard home phone and cell unit as a back-up in case the phone line is cut. But if you want the best for your home and the ultimate home security you have to check
  • Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids [Part 2]
    For this article, I’ll be highlighting those games designed specifically to help your kids learn new things and improve their skills while having fun, I have already mentioned in my last article Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids [Part 1] some good games that your kids should have been playing them by now. In this one i’m listing another top
  • Top 5 Android Tablets in the U.S for 2016
    Christmas 2016 is coming and one of the best gifts you can give someone is an Android tablets, they are small, easy to use and they actually last longer than other tablets. You can downland any apps you want and customize it to your taste. If you are looking to buy a new tablet, Begin
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Best Secret Features
    So you just bought your brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 and you think you know  your way through the phone ? Think again! because we have six new hidden features and secrets than can make using the Samsung Galaxy S7 much easier. 1- How to protect your eyes ? The Note 7 doesn’t just help
  • Top 10 IOS Games To Have On Your iPhone
    Hello iPhone lovers! IOS is arguably the best operating mobile system in the world. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  To fully enjoy the system you must have apps for your everyday tech need like messaging, writing an email or
  • Top 10 Best Places to Visit in the USA
    The United States have some of the worlds best landscapes and it’s so diverse from desert to Sea.  So if you are thinking about exploring your county or you are a visitor of the U.S. and don’t know where to go. Begin from here with our list of the 10 Best and must visited places
  • Top 5 Job Search Apps
      Apps are today’s best tool for job seekers. Android, ISO, windows, whatever your devise of choice is, these apps can save you money and time in your hunt for a job . Here are 5 free apps that will help you find your dream job. You can also check our our other Job related
  • Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids [Part 1]
    Education tools has evolved so much in the last 20 years, students don’t relay on books anymore they have the internet which have radically change the way they do their homework and prepare for exams.  Apps have a big part in that change and a large portion of them are dedicated to kids. if you
  • 10 Cool Clothing Companies For Kids In The U.S.
    Children’s skin is really sensitive so choosing the right clothing company for them is crucial, you have to look up the materials used. When you are done with safety go ahead and look fo style.Baby clothes are adorable especially with cute illustrations or if they are similar to grown ups clothes. If you are having
  • 10 Tax Breaks You Must Know To Save Money (U.S.)
    The time period between January 1 and April 15 of each year in which individuals traditionally prepare the previous year’s financial statements and reports. In the United States, individuals must file their annual tax return by April 15 of the year following the reportable earnings. To reduces taxable income people refer to Tax credit or
  • Top 10 MBA Programs in the U.S
    American MBA programs are considered to be the best in the entire world, they offer amazing opportunities and diverse specialized programs. Joining one these schools is your first step to being part an exciting, dynamic company or starting your own profitable business. So if you are seeking an MBA you should consider the United States and
  • Top 10 Best Print Adverts
    Some say print Ad is dead, but the following ads would totally make them change their mind. Creative, personal and unexpected these are print ad best features, so let’s explore this amazing marketing tools with the best and most innovative ads ever. 1-Stronger Marriage Did you get it ? This ad is so sweet, the
  • Top 10 Most Profitable Industries in the USA
    In a previous article we discussed the most profitable companies, Apple was raining champion but that doesn’t mean the Tech industry is the most profitable. In fact, it’s the health industry that booked a whopping $24.4 billion in combined 2014 revenue according to Inc magazine.  So here is the list for the most profitable industries in the
  • Top 10 Luxury Restaurants in Dubai..with pictures
    The United Arab Emirates is always up to speed with the latest development trends and innovations. It’s institutions are competing to provide better services to citizens, including restaurants that strive to provide more luxury, comfort of services to local customers and foreign tourists. So if you are going on vacation to Dubai, Begin from here
  • Top 10 Educational Android Apps
    If you are a student, emloyee, or whatever you do in life, these free apps will help you to be better at what you do. Duolingo Duolingo is a free app that helps you learn any language you want in a quick and easy way. It is one of the most popular apps and one of the most
  • 5 Rules of Design and 6 Rules of Optimization for your Company
    This article submitted* and presented by Web design is constantly changing and this constant change always leads to better improvements in web design. To sum up this year, web design has gotten much bigger in size and flatter in display.  More white space, modern layouts will be seen and 80 percent of web pages have
  • Top 10 Best Apps builders
    The first app ever was released back in 2008, and since then every smartphone has at least 5 of them pe-installed. Nowadays building an app is not as complicated as it was, there are a lot of tools on the web that can make the process really easy. Ranked by features, pricing, and ease of
  • Top 10 Best Cosmetic Companies in the USA
    The world of beauty is replete with iconic brands that have not only set industry standards but have also managed to capture the hearts and minds of consumers worldwide. Many of these renowned names find their roots in the United States, a country that has consistently been at the forefront of beauty and cosmetic innovation.
  • Top 10 Best Online Businesses
    We all need some extra money to cover those monthly splurges, and a side job that doesn’t require moving location is the perfect solution. Us at Begin from here always try to present to you the best of the best, We did an in-depth research to find out the most profitable online business in the US, 
  • HR Manager in Heaven!
    Hello, This is the most funny story I read this week!!! I got it as a WhatsApp message and I would like to share it with you all! Enjoy and share it with your friends. ——————– HR Manager in Heaven! One day while walking down the street a highly successful HR Manager was hit by
  • Top 5 Jobs for College Students
    If you’re a college student, chances are you’re always low on cash and even if you are not, you may want a little bit more to pay for books, lab supplies, food and other costs of living. The list we are sharing with you today will help pay the costs of education without getting in
  • Top 10 Ideas To Start A Business In The US
    Lately plenty of people have left their regular jobs and dived into new exciting projects without even knowing if the outcome is going to be good or not and that’s the beauty of starting a new job. It’s an adventure! while it takes a lot of hard work and long hours, the journey itself is
  • Top 5 Free Web Hosting Sites
    A while back we ranked the Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers  but all the servers you had to pay for, and if you are just a beginner chances are you don’t have a lot of money to start with but don’t you worry we got you. Begin form here and start your  journey
  • Top 10 Most Profitable Companies in the USA
    The largest public, state-owned, and private businesses by its consolidated revenue. This list is based on numbers and raking done by FORTUNE and FORBES.  1. Apple One of the most known tech companies in the world, Apple’s annual revenue was $234 billion last year, while profit was $53.4 billion and all of this is thanks
  • Top 5 Genius Hackers Who Wrote the History
    In our list, we are exhibiting the 5 most well known individuals, which can be portrayed as a programmer. They entered either in PC or phone frameworks and utilized these frameworks as indicated by their own desires, because of their insight and specialized aptitudes. 1. Steve Wozniak Wozniak is a contemporary of John Draper and
  • USA’s Top 10 Airlines in 2016
    Did you know that there was nearly 2.2 billion person-trips in 2015  ? Americans travel a lot and they complain even more, in fact traveler complaints jumped 34 percent last year. So what can we at begin from here do about that ? we can suggest you a list of the Top 10 Airlines 2016
  • The 5 Most Spoken Languages in the World
      Half of the world’s population claim one of just ten dialects as their primary language. So who’s in the main five? You may be astonished. Figuring out which dialects are talked most on the planet is a more troublesome assignment than you may envision. We can say with some certainty that Mandarin, English, Spanish
  • Top 5 tools to learn english
    Learning a language can be very challenging, new words, sounds, different grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. To make things a little bit easier we collected 5 great tools that will help learn english or enhance it if you already have knowledge of the language. So begin from here and expand your knowledge of this fascinating language :
  • A new eye on the middle ear
      Another gadget created by analysts at MIT and a doctor at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center could enormously enhance specialists’ capacity to precisely analyze ear contamination. That could definitely decrease the assessed 2 million cases for each year in the United States where such diseases are erroneously analyzed and superfluous anti-toxins are endorsed. Such over
  • Top 10 Ways To Find A Job In USA
    Having a stable source of income  is the number one priority for every person looking to have a good life but it’s not easy to get that stability. The first  step is finding a job and this is where today’s  article comes in handy, So Begin from here and take a look at our list
  • Top 5 Video Games
    Played all of your games over and over and you can’t find new ones ? than this is the perfect article for you! you can Begin from here and update your video game collection, get to know new ones and i  assure you one of theses will be your new favorite. Batman: Arkham Knight The
  • Top 5 Smartphones 2016
    1.GALAXY S7/S7 EDGE : The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have to a great degree quick cameras that take fantastic photographs and video, responsive unique mark scanners and progressed Samsung Pay bolster, water resistance without the whine of ports, rich refined outline with the utilization of metal and glass, furthermore propelled with sweet offers
  • Top 10 food You Must Eat in USA
    American food what it supposes to be like? Well as all the world know that Hamburger is the typical meal in America and actually it is somehow.. However in today’s article we will talk about the 10 most delicious and famous food in america that you must eat and if you didn’t or don’t well..
  • Top 10 American blogs for food
    As we know there is a lot of recipes when it comes to food, like healthy food and junk food and also summer food, so in this article we will talk about food in general, So let’s start.. First of all we have number one #1 1) Serious Eats: this blog is one
  • Pixlr, Free Online image editing service by Autodesk
    Hello, Do you want to edit your photo online before add it to your website? or maybe you need to create an image but you don’t have photoshop, NO? What you need in this case is an online image editing service, and for that we advise you to use Pixlr. This free online tool, is one of list
  • Top 10 Insurance Companies in the world
    Last time we talked about the best insurance companies in the US, but what about the rest of the world ? Every one on this planet needs insurance. I have to be honest, putting this list together was very stressful for me, I mean we are talking about the whole world! In order to do this
  • How to… ?
    Hello, We have launched our youtube channel yesterday. The main goal behind this youtube channel is to help you to understand how works. SO, we begin with our first How to videos series. Please note that this article is old, so the videos below were recorded with the old look of the website. Video 1:
  • Top 10 United States insurance companies
    “Insurance provides economic protection from identified risks occurring or discovered with in a specified period. Insurance is a unique product in that the ultimate cost is often unknown until long after the coverage period, while the revenue—premium payments by  policyholders—are received before or during the coverage period.” Colombia Business School Choosing a good/trust worthy insurance
  • Top 5 Stock Photo Sites On The Web
    Finding the right photo for the right moment can be a very difficult task. To ease the mission i have done the research for you and found the best stock photo websites. The chosen websites grantee you a beautiful, high quality, exclusive and varied stock of photographs. 1-500px is a photo sharing site intended
  • 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers
    What is Dedicated hosting  ? Dedicated hosting is a great choice if you experience high traffic levels and/or look for optimum load-time performance, So if you fit this criteria, continue reading and I guarantee you will be pleased. If you want to know more about this subject, visit this page :What is the difference between
  • 5 steps to learn English and for FREE
    Hello, Are you like millions of people who are trying to find a free way to learn English? Let me help you find the right online place to begin, and make the mission easy i have created 5 essential step for you to follows. There are so many websites where you  can find free learning
  • The most famous HTML questions, with their answers
    Hello, I’m going to list here, the most famous HTML questions, with their solutions. 1: How to forward an html page to another page? How to redirect html page? How to forward html welcome website page? Answer: Add the following line to your meta section in your html file: <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=” /> 2:
  • Best Ruby on Rails Videos
    Hello all, As I’m finding the best Videos about Ruby on Rails over the web. Each time I find an interesting video that will help me and you to know more about Rails, or to refresh the memory about the same topic, I will push a copy here. Like that, we will be able to back
  • Best videos about Robots
    Hello, I’m watching, day after day, some amazing videos about Robots. What the specialists and engineers are doing now, especially in Boston Dynamics labs, is really an unbelievable thing!!! So, I think the best way to archive these videos, is to publish them here, and for sure, it will be an opportunity to share them with you
  • Where to find free Wi-Fi in Amsterdam
    If you are in Amsterdam and you want to find a free wifi connection, just look around you, and try to find a green birdhouse, Yeap, it is not a joke, this small green birdhouse is a real small WIFI station, to give you a free Wi-Fi connection. It looks like the one on the tree in the
  • learn Ruby on Rails / 02 Tools You Need
    Hello, In the first lesson First Steps, I told you about the importance of knowing the programming language Ruby. Now, it is the time to go forward, and talk about the tools you need to execute RoR (Ruby on Rails) commands and developing your first simple application. Let we make the things simples and easy, all what
  • The new facebook’s LIKE button
    Facebook launches a new “like” button. What is the different between the old and the new button ? As you can see in the photo, the news button doesn’t include the “f” of the Facebook logo. Sure this changement will appear outside facebook’s website. You will notice it on a blog, where you want to “like” or
  • Apple’s wrap-around display screen
    Apple has submitted a new patent 2 days ago, Tuesday june 28th 2016, for a 360-degree screen, which will be a revolution for its famous product iPhone, where it will put a display on all of its sides. Do you imagine a transparent iPhone? Nothing is impossible with Apple. We read something interesting in the
  • learn Ruby on Rails / 01 First Steps
    Hello, It is so important, if you want to learn Ruby on Rails, to begin with the following first steps: A : Understand Ruby: Get an idea about the programming language Ruby, as Ruby on Rails, is the most famous framework1 of Ruby. The following video will give you a globale idea about Ruby: 1: Don’t
  • Best Sites for Educational Videos
    Hello all, Where is the best place to learn over the web ? I have asked this question many times, but finally, I realized that the best place is my Bookmark, try to find what you are looking for on many websites and bookmark them. Maybe your best programming course is available on website A,
  • Learn Ruby on Rails
    Hello, I’m learning Ruby on Rails now on Udemy, and I would like to share with you my experience. But, what I’m looking to do here, is to make the learning more simple and easy. Especially for students, designer, web masters or Art Directors…like me. Anyway, this is just my first and quick article. So
  • 100.000 FREE ICONS!
    Iconfinder provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way. The site launched in 2007 as the first search engine focused on icons. Anyway, I don’t want to talk with ou about the site, but about a section on this website, where you will find 100000 free icons to downlaod
  • New Gmail interface ??
    Are you sure ? Yes, I saw it Where ? over the Internet…. You can imagine now how the discussion between Google’s fans could be, after the publishing of a capture of the new Gmail interface ( the powerful Google email service ) I think we are living now the same experience as we was
  • Apollo Hosting became VERIO
    ApolloHosting (THe new name is VERIO now) offers shared website hosting solutions, domain name registrations, VPS hosting and other online services to individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses. Our hosting plans include free site-building software, as well as access to more than 200 other tools and services—everything you’ll need to put your business, blog or hobby
  • wisdom and madness from yer pals at
    The rabbi realizes he’s not in the middle of a corny joke so he leaves. But the monkey. The monkey starts raving wildly. He’s slapping the Picnik engineers on the back, congratulating them for pioneering the online photo editing space 6 years ago, and for enabling a whole new class of photographers to create beautiful
  • The world’s most advanced online image editor
    FotoFlexer is the world’s most advanced online digital photo editor. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software. FotoFlexer was founded by Arbor Labs, a team of graduate students and alumni from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, University of California at Berkeley (and just one MIT/Stanford alum too). Try it
  • Internet Marketing Training
    The Web is an incredible platform for building, marketing, growing and maintaining a successful online business. Without the right tools and knowledge, your website is guaranteed to get lost in the sea of other web sites. If you are new to Internet marketing or your current website isn’t working, then the Launch2Success Internet Marketing Training Program
  • The PHP Basics
    The PHP Basics (TPB) website, created in 2010 by Robert Smith, is a free source that teaches those who are interested in learning the PHP language, quickly and easily. Robert Smith’s goal is to not bore new beginners to PHP with tons of theory behind the PHP language, but rather start from ground zero and
  • Seo Panel
    Welcome to Seo Panel – World’s first seo control panel for multiple websites An Award Winning and complete open source seo control panel for managing search engine optimization of your websites. Seo Panel is a seo tool kit includes latest hot seo tools to increase and track the performace of your websites. It is a
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  • My website not working properly on Internet Explorer
    Hello all, Yes, it’s correct, it’s not easy to display your website properly on internet explorer, in the same time that it’s working properly and without any problem on Chrome, Firefox and Opera… it seems like you are trying to turn Flash ON on iPad 🙂 Anyway, if you have like this kind of problem,