Top 5 Games For The Holidays

From playing billiards on your phone to testing your IQ, catching virtual Pokemon to building strong villages and strong troops to attack other people’s villages, I wrote you a varied selection of the best games for iOS and Android devices to play over the holidays.



This game is one of the best pool games out there for mobile devices or even computers and laptops. Graphics are some of the best you will see for any game – ever! Controlers work great, basic and easy to learn.

Online mode is very smooth  and multiplayer matchmaking is fast, just make sure you have a good internet connection.

The game in-app purchases store is perfect,but you don’t really need to spend real cash to be good at the game.

With the regular daily free spins, you get the chance to win prizes that will help you play better and rank better on the leaderboards.

You can also use your normal Miniclip account to login if you have one, or just connect with your Facebook account.

If you’re on a holiday and searching for a way to kill time, 8 Ball Pool will keep you hooked for a very long time.

Download for: Android & iOS

  • Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is very popular and well known strategy game that went viral all around the world in the last couple years.

The game is very simple, you need to set up your own strong village in order to defend your village from other attackers , and also to make strong armies to attack other people’s villages.

Clash of Clans tests your planning skills, patience and intelligence while stressing your brain to understand how to use your defenses, Armies, Town Hall, Walls and Clan Castle.

The game is available for free on iTunes and Play Store, but the developers also made a feature where players were you need to pay money to advance further in the game. This feature made the game one of the most popular games on the iOS and Android platforms.

Players from all around teh world are in love with this game, and you should play it too.

Download for: Android & iOS

  • Pokemon Go


If you’re not planing to go anywhere in the holidays and you just want to stay at home without getting bored, then you should definitely have Pokemon Go on your mobile phone.

Described in simple terms, Pokemon Go is a location-based reality game where you have to walk to real-world locations called PokeStops which are marked on a map on your mobile phone in order to get items and catch the virtual Pokemon that pop up on your way so as to earn experience points.

The game was developed by Niantic and published by Nintendo in July 6, 2016.

The main objective of the game is to catch all the Pokemon and train them to become stronger, it’s pretty much like a collection, but some Pokemon are very difficult to find , that’s make the game very challenging.

Pokemon Go is also a big motivation for you to go out to get some fresh air and walk around a lot, and quite simply, walking is good for you and for your health.

Download for: Android & iOS

Games For The Holidays

  • Online Head Ball


If you’re a soccer fan , you will definitely love this game.

Online Head Ball is a very popular game on both Android and iOS platforms, and thousands of gamers around the world have been playing it and recommending their followers to try it too.
The game is very simple to play. You get to control a football player with a big head that you can also customize it on your own, by choosing different uniforms, shoes, glasses and a lot of accessories to look cool during matches.
You move the player across the field, and kick the ball in order to score goals. Defending your gates from the other player and not letting your opponent score a goal.
You also get to use super abilities of your game character to stop the opponent from scoring, but you should use these super powers wisely.
The game contains more than 100 funny characters, and it has a very easy simple system of controls.
Online Head Ball is a very challenging and competitive game, you can play it with friends or random people to show off your soccer skills.
By winning every day tournaments, you win in game prizes, and unblock new characters.
Download for: Android & iOS
  • Best IQ Test


You can’t spend the holidays just having fun and forget about schoold and education, but you can do both with Best IQ Test.

It will definitely make you think and shake your brain, especially if you have been out of school in quite some time. This is the game for you! It will let you know just how smart you have remained, and it might just shock you with the results.

It’s a puzzle game with more than 60 unique puzzles and 5 levels of different diffuclty. Like an IQ test with detailed statistics

Unlike any other boring brain games, this game challenges your skills in math and your knowledge.

The riddles aren’t easy and requires you to think outside the box.

This game is a super workout for the brain, and you will enjoy it.

Download for: Android

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