5 Best Productivity Apps That Can Help You Do Things More Efficiently In 2020

In an age where smartphones can do nearly everything, the best productivity apps become a prerequisite to efficiently spend time on the smartphone. If you hope to achieve more with less effort and more quickly, then these 5 apps listed in this blog post can fulfill your purpose.

What Is A “Productivity App”

A “productivity app” is any software application that was made by the developers for the purpose of making certain user’s tasks easier and more comfortable. Thus, according to this definition productivity apps are considered a major category that contains different subcategories according to the different sets of tasks that can be made easier.

What Are The Main Subcategories Of Productivity Apps Out There?

There are many different types of productivity apps and the list is increasing day after day due to the increasing demand on the industry, nevertheless, the main types of productivity apps that are well-known by users are

• To-Do Apps

• Time Trackers

• Product Management Apps

• Reminder Apps

• Focus Apps

• Time Booster Apps

5 Best Productivity Apps For Android And IOS

  1. Trello
Source: Trello

Trello is a well-known project management app that’s designed for making project management a fun and enjoyable task. You will be given the ability to break the project (the major task) into many subtasks according to your needs, tasks can then be arranged according to the order in which you prefer to complete them, once you’ve done with one task the app will direct you to the other and so on till you complete your main task. With $9.99 you will get more functionality and additional features.

2. Hootsuit

Source: Hootsuit

Hootsuit is a multi-million dollar business that was started as a response to the many complaints from social media business owners regarding the large amount of time consumed on minor tasks such as responding to comments and posting. This social media management app will give the users the ability to control multi social media accounts from one screen without having to login to each account, all you need to do is simply link all your favorite social media accounts to the app and let the magic begins. You will be given a 30 days trial by default once it ends the startup plan won’t cost you more than $29.

3. Toggl

Source: Toggl

Toggl is a simple time tracker that can help you follow your time and see how it was spent. The service can be accessed from any device (smartphones, computers, and laptops) and whenever a task gets done the app will send its users a full detailed report showing (with numbers) the level of productivity of the user. The app will also send its users notifications whenever a certain task’s time was close to ending. The service is free to use but you can enjoy more features with their $9 a month premium service.

4. LastPass

Source: LastPass

LastPass is a successful solution for the frustration of remembering passwords. Once the chrome extension has been installed you can easily generate, remember, and share passwords from multiple accounts and multiple platforms. All you have to do is to keep the chrome extension on and all your passwords will be saved automatically so that you won’t need to enter them manually the next time you have to log in. The service is free but there is a $4 premium service with more options and functionality.

5. Calendar

Source: Calendar

This machine learning-led productivity app is the best way for you to achieve focus and enhance productivity. The app will keep tracking you and learning your actions so that each time you spent on it the more trustworthy it becomes. From Calendar, you can manage your day, week, month, or even year and you can also manage meetings with it. You can start for free or you can subscribe to their more enhanced $8 a month version.

Final Tips To Spend Time More Efficiently On Your Smartphone

The best productivity apps alone won’t save your day, to ensure full productivity has been established we advise you to follow the following tips

• Keep Don’t Disturb Mood On.

• Turn Off Notifications For Social Media Apps

• Use The Help Of To-Do List Apps

• Delete Time-Wasting Apps

• Use Calls Rather Than WhatsApp’s Voice Call Service

• Organize Your Homepage To Support Productivity.

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