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As I’m finding the best Videos about Ruby on Rails over the web. Each time I find an interesting video that will help me and you to know more about Rails, or to refresh the memory about the same topic, I will push a copy here. Like that, we will be able to back to this page, in case we need to watch it again, without the needing to go to YouTube and spend time to find the same video. Finally, Don’t hesitate to recommend any good video about Rails in your comments.

1 : Discover Ruby on Rails in about 30 minutes (Programming Level : Beginner) :

This is very important video to get a global view about Ruby on Rails, If you don’t have any idea about Ruby and Ruby on Rails at all, it is possible that you will find this video almost “Complicated“. In this case, I advice you to begin first with Learn Ruby on Rails.

2 : “RailsConf 2014” A presentation about Ruby on Rails (Programming Level : intermediate)  :

NB : Video suggested by Andreas.

The text associated to this video, gives you an idea about it. So let we read it “Theory tells us to build applications out of small, interchangeable objects but reality often supplies the exact opposite. Many apps contain huge classes of long methods and hair-raising conditionals; they’re hard to understand, difficult to reuse and costly to change. This talk takes an ugly section of conditional code and converts it into a few simple objects. It bridges the gap between OO theory and practice and teaches straightforward strategies that all can use to improve their code.

Sandi Metz, author of “Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby“, believes in simple code and straightforward explanations. She prefers working software, practical solutions and lengthy bicycle trips (not necessarily in that order) and consults and teaches on all things OOP.”

More videos will come soon, so keep in touch 😉

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