learn Ruby on Rails / 02 Tools You Need


In the first lesson First Steps, I told you about the importance of knowing the programming language Ruby. Now, it is the time to go forward, and talk about the tools you need to execute RoR (Ruby on Rails) commands and developing your first simple application.

Let we make the things simples and easy, all what you need now, if to open an account on Cloud9 website (https://c9.io/). Cloud9 will be your principal development environment tool or toy, that you will play with to practice Ruby on Rails during the learning.

Now when you have your account on Cloud, simply do the following:

1 : Click on Create a new workspace

2: Fill the name of your workspace, keep it public (it is free), and click on the button RAILS / RUBY

3 : Click on Create Workspace, and you will see the following screen:


Cloud9 during the creating of new workspace


After a fez seconds, you will get your Cloud9 workspace, like the following screen:

Cloud9 workspace
The look of the new workspace in Cloud9

Now, it is the time to play and envoy with Ruby on Rails files.

I will continue to update this lesson very soon!
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