Where to find free Wi-Fi in Amsterdam

If you are in Amsterdam and you want to find a free wifi connection, just look around you, and try to find a green birdhouse, Yeap, it is not a joke, this small green birdhouse is a real small WIFI station, to give you a free Wi-Fi connection. It looks like the one on the tree in the following photo:

Green Birdhouse Amesterdam
Green birdhouse in Amsterdam, to give a free wi-fi connection

So, the whole idea behind this concept, is not for tourist in priority, but for the quality of air in the Dutch capital, as it was given a D+ ranking for air quality last year(Source: sootfreecities.eu).

Joris Lam, an intelligent designer from Amsterdam, has designed the concept of free wifi birdhouse, he called it Tree Wi-Fi, to push people to be more friendly with environmentally projects.

tree wifi website
The website treewifi.org presents the whole idea behind this inovation to support the environement

The official website of this new invention treewifi.org prensents the concept as the following :

” TreeWiFi wants to use the trees in Amsterdam to measure the air quality, and to motivate people to use public transportation and their bikes more often by rewarding them with free WiFi when the air quality improves in their street. ”

We invite you to visit Joris’s twitter account the website of TreeWifi, to get more information about this special project, and to follow its news.


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