learn Ruby on Rails / 01 First Steps


It is so important, if you want to learn Ruby on Rails, to begin with the following first steps:
A : Understand Ruby: Get an idea about the programming language Ruby, as Ruby on Rails, is the most famous framework1 of Ruby. The following video will give you a globale idea about Ruby:

1: Don’t think a lot about what is mean framework now, you will understand that later. But to make it easy, a framework of a programming language, give you the basic structure of your project, and simplify the way to develop it.

B : Try Ruby: The most simple way to understand a programming language, is to try it. So click on the image bellow to try Ruby online now:


This is all what you need to do before reading the next lesson, Tools You Need.

Best regards and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any question.
Bill Bird

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