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Hello all,

Where is the best place to learn over the web ?

I have asked this question many times, but finally, I realized that the best place is my Bookmark, try to find what you are looking for on many websites and bookmark them. Maybe your best programming course is available on website A, but best marketing course is available on website B. So, I advice you to know the best learning websites over the web, and than you go and visit them, to find the courses that you are looking for. Don’t forget also to check the rating of other users. Let we begin with the first website:


1: The first website is Udemy, I found what I was looking for on this simple and easy to use platform. In fact, the idea behind this tool is easy. All the internet users, like you and me, are invited to build their courses and buy the courses of others. So if you find an interesting course. you will learn it for free or you will buy it for a small budget. There is something also very nice with Udemy, each time you enroll in a course, you will get unlimited help from the seller. This is the best way that I discovered to learn recently, and specially when I was looking to learn a programming language like Ruby on Rails.

Udemy is available on the following link :

lynda learning website logo

2: Lynda is one of the most famous learning website. I learned a lot from its content and videos. In fact, it was the first online video learning platform, where you can  find many courses dedicated for designers and programmers. The only negative point about this website, is the monthly cost. You should subscribe for a monthly fee (about 29$) in order to follow your learning process. For that reason, I put Udemy as the first link, where you are free to buy any course, when you want, without needing of paying a monthly fee.

Lynda is available on the following link:

I will add more websites soon, so keep in touch. If you have other websites, just leave your comments. I will take a look and add them if they are interesting, even if they are your own websites and blogs.

Thanks for your reading time and Best regards.

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  • Thank you for this interesting topic. There is a lot of other Learning websites over the web, like Digital Tutors (, do you know it ? Maybe you are going to add it later

    • David Brindson

      Thank you @zakiworld:disqus for your interest in this top and for your comment. I think Bill is going to update his article soon and adding the website that you submitted!