The PHP Basics

thephpbasicsThe PHP Basics (TPB) website, created in 2010 by Robert Smith, is a free source that teaches those who are interested in learning the PHP language, quickly and easily. Robert Smith’s goal is to not bore new beginners to PHP with tons of theory behind the PHP language, but rather start from ground zero and help them work their way up. Over the years, Robert has learned that most people learn best and quickest by either listening, or watching someone perform a task instead of reading an elongated textbook. So with that in mind, Robert decided to share the knowledge he has gained by coding various PHP scripts with other motivated beginners. Another key piece of information one should know would be, anyone visiting this website to learn about PHP coding is expected to have some basic knowledge about HTML code to follow along in Robert’s videos. For those who may need to learn about HTML coding, you can click here. If you have experience in other high level languages, the PHP basics should be a breeze to learn, and if you have no experience, Robert’s goal is to make the basics a breeze to learn.
At The PHP Basics website, Robert will only cover the basic fundamentals of PHP and later the MySQL language. This site is not intended to be a source for becoming an advance PHP programmer, but a website designed to give new individuals to the PHP language basic understanding of the core components to PHP programming. If you are already an intermediate or advance programmer, the video tutorials within this website will most likely be too easy for you or too slow paced. For most individuals new to a particular coding language require an easy and slow pace teaching environment, but some individuals catch on quickly. Robert’s video tutorials are designed to take care of both (fast and slow) learning types.

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