Top 5 eCards & Greeting Cards Websites

In the last years, eCards have totally changeed the greeting card market. While some of the major greeting card companies create both printed and digitized greeting cards, many companies still prefer to specialize in either one format or the other. Here’s a list of 5 of the most well known greeting card companies.

Hallmark Cards

Hallmark is probably one of the most popular names when it comes to eCards and greeting cards and people are very familiar with it.

It’s an American company founded in 1910, and it has grown since then to become one of the best greeting cards companies in the whole world and the biggest creator of greeting cards in the United States.

They started as a postcard company, but later they began making Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards because these cards were very popular back then.

Recently, Hallmark started a website where they sell their popular line of digitized eCards.

The company provides good designs for greeting cards that come at low prices.

They also have a reward program where you can earn points when you make a purchase, so you can use these points to buy more items from Hallmark.

Blue Mountain


Blue Mountain has been in the greeting cards business since 1996.

Today, they are hosting a very popular website business for customers who prefer the idea of sending eCards over mailing printed cards.

Their website grew quickly by allowing their visitors to create greetings for other visitors to use.

Despite the fact that they are still known under their own company name, but the truth is that Blue Mountain was sold to another greeting cards company named American Greetings in 2001.

They have a wide selection of greeting cards and various categories to choose from, so you can find the right card to send.

From e-Cards and Print at Home cards to Postcards and Stationaries, Blue Mountain is the right place to look.

American Greetings

American Greetings was founded in 1906, it is considered to be the largest greeting card company in the world.

The company sells electronic greeting cards, paper greeting cards, electronic expressive content and different party products.

Not just greeting cards, they also have some party supplies from birthday banners, cups and plates to cupcake stands and decorating kits. This way you can also provide a great celebration party along with your personalized greeting card.

American Greetings have a large collection of digital and electronic greeting cards available at their site where you can make personalized e-cards and paper cards that express just how you feel.

For more than 100 years, they have been manufacturing and retailing innovative social expression products that help their buyers in enhancing their social relationships.

Today, American Greetings helps millions of people from all around the world to stay connected with their families and friends, and celebrate life’s special occasions.


SendOutCards is very easy to use and they also have video tutorials on their website explaining their service and how to use it.

They started in 2003 and they delivered over 100 million cards and more than 3 million gifts

You can select a card from their exclusive online catalog or just create your own.

They offer a good greeting card service with affordable prices and a free shipping. There are a lot already-made designs that you can customize to give it your personal touch by writing a personal message or by adding pictures.

Aside from the greeting cards, you can send various gifts including gourmet foods, flowers, books and so much more along with the cards to express your promptings.

No matter what your profession, there is no doubt that greeting cards are a powerful business tool, and SendOutCards will help you make sure that your clients and customers know how important they are to you!


JibJab provides people with over 1,500 funny entertaining eCards and videos for all their occasions.
The company was founded originally by the brothers Evan and Gregg Spiridellis in 1999. They went viral in 2004 with the video they made of the past US president George W. Bush and John Kerry singing “This Land Is Your Land” and they became well known and very popular since then.
The website lets you customize and create ilarious greeting videos, these videos made by JibJab can be sent as free ecards or posted on social media.
JibJab offers a free membership where you get to have a limited number of free personalized videos and ecards, while on premium membership you are able to take advantage of more.
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