Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts

Shopping for a geek friend or family member? Tech gifts are the most popular and sought-after gifts out there, so we made this list to make it easier for you to pick up the best one.

  • Snapchat Spectacles


Company formerly known as Snapchat launched its first-ever hardware product earlier this year.

The Spectacles are very simple, they’re just sunglasses with a camera inside. The camre sits in the corner of the sunglasses and there is a button on the left side that lets you trigger to record a video, with a little light that will spin around to let people know that you’re recording, and then those videos get sent over bluetooth to your phone so you can send them to your friends on Snapchat or post them to your stories.

Spectacles will last about a day with minimal use, but staff selling them with a pretty neat charging case that offer four more full charges. All you have to do is take the glasses off, fold them up, put them in the case and they magnetically locked into the charger and charge while you bring the case around with you.

There is a ring of lights on the side of the case to show you how much charge is left in there and you can double tap the classes to see how much battery is left in them or you can see the battery level in the app.


These glasses record circular videos ina circular format, the reason for that is that when you’re viewing videos that were shot on the Spectacles in Snapchat you can actually rotate your phone and see more of the video than if it was just shor vertically or horizontally.

Snap, Inc is selling selling Spectacles for 130$ but they’re only selling them in vending machines called SnapBot that are showing up around the country, and they’re being very secretive about when and where those will appear, so if you really want these, you have to keep an eye on their website to find out when a SnapBot might show up near you.

  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro


The PlayStation 4 Pro is a new breed of console, it does everything the original PS4 does but it packs in more horsepower to support 4K and high dynamic range (HDR).

PS4 Pro Makes all games run slightly better than standard PS4 and also supports all PS4 games, apps and accessories so you don’t have to buy or change anything.

It’s basically a PS4 with better hardware inside that’s made to improve the performance beyond what’s currently possible on the original PS4. Not every PS4 game can take advantage of the Pro, but it will run any PS4 game you have.

The new PS4 Pro hit stores on November 10 for $399 in the US.

  • GoPro Hero5 Black


The new GoPro Hero5 Black is simply the best camera GoPro ever made!

Hero5 Black is the camera that’s so convenient and easy to use you forget that you’re using it.

It’s where GoPro gave people all the tools in one package, they’re getting waterproof, image stabilization, voice control…

It’s easier to use now, you don’t have to think if you should use the housing or not, Hero5 Black is waterproof durable all on its own. You don’t have to fumble with the clearwater housing anymore it’s already built in. You can just take it out of the box, hit the water and go down to 10 meters and you’ll get amazing quality video and audio.

Voice control opens up a whole new world of possibility for using this GoPro, you just think it, say it, do it. It supports seven languages, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Voice control is the easiest way to control your camera.

They’ve made it so simple to be completely in the moment of whatever you’re doing, it’s accurate and it works and it’s gonna make sure that you don’t miss those moments.

  • TCL S3800 Smart TV


Roku TV brings the simplest, most easy to use smart-TV on the market. A magnificent user interface places its thousands of apps and streaming video on the same plane as regular TV and itt’s also less expensive than any other smart TV.

It has a Personalized Home Screen that gives you access to more than 3000 streaming channels, cable TV, gaming consoles and other devices.

A high definition display that gives you a premium picture quality along with an amazing streaming experience, and a dual-band Wifi that lets you capture every moment so you don’t miss a thing.

The TV comes with an easy to use remote control that has only 20 buttons to make navigating simple as possible.

You can also use the mobile app and transform your mobile device or tablet into a remote control and browse or add channels.

  • Apple Mac Mini


Mac Mini is a less expensive OS X computer, and its performance is as good as Macs that cost twice as much.

To get access to the features of OS X for same price as an iPad, you’ll need to connect your own display, keyboard and mouse. If you already have some or all of those, great; if not, the total cost can add up quickly, especially if you stick to Apple-branded accessories.



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