10 Ways to make your website more visible on Google

There is a lot of websites over the web, who advise you about the best make your website more visible on Google. We tried to make the things easy and help you to read the most important 10 ways to do that:

1: Add your website to Google Search Console, the is the most important step that you should do to submit your website to Google, as the console is a free tool built by Google. Also, these tools provide you a lot of other free services to check important backlinks for example or check if you have any errors in your pages and so on.

2: Use Google My Business tool to add your website, but BE CAREFUL, you have to have an address to be able to add your website. Check the following video to understand how to do that:

3: Add your website for free to the online business directories, like begin from here Business Directory, (it is for free now for a limited time).

4: The speed of loading on your website is really very important, so try to make it as fast as you can. Try for example to test the speed of your website on Pingdom, to check how much it is faster than other websites.

5: The content of your website should be rich, so try to optimize every page. How to do that? Check the following video, where you will discover the latest Google’s solution that called Rich Cards:

6: Be careful about title tag on every page. So, you have to make sure that the title tag is clear and simple, it means the title of your page. How about

7: Also, the meta description is something very important to take care of. You want to add an image to your page, you should add meta description to say something about this image, like that the search engine includes this information in the result.

8: Avoid 404 errors, as a lot of this kind of pages will push your website far from top listings in Google result. Try to fix that by using Google Search Console, to learn more how, watch the following video:

9: Share option, Yes, that is simple, just you have to add a tool, to facilitate to the visitor to share your page on his facebook or twitter. and you know why? Because the more people share your page, the more your page will be visible on Google.

10: Don’t copy other websites, make your own content and try to offer a solid content. Write about the things that you love to write about and good luck!

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