5 Tips To Speak English or Any Language Fluently

A new language may appear to be a difficult skill to acquire. This method of communication consists of establishing a strong vocabulary in order to be able to express yourself. Some people may master the writing method and fully understand any kind of discussions. Meanwhile, they could find some difficulties while speaking and delivering the spoken message. This article will summarize some of the tips that can help you to achieve your goal to master English or any other language. Naturally, there is no way that you will learn a language in two days or five days, but you can at least accelerate the pace of learning as you will need acquisition, time and smart tips. No matter in which level you are and how little English you already know dedicate your time and keep learning.

Tip #1

The learning process is gradual. Before starting to speak a language you are presumed to be acquainted with some of the vocabulary and sentences that you will apply. You need to begin by memorizing some words and expressions. One of the most important tips is to write the sentences you hear or study in a phrase book that you can keep in your pocket. The biggest mistake that most of the learners do is studying grammar in the first step. By focusing on grammar you will get lost. It is essential to study the basic. However, you can initially progress in your language by collecting all the simple expressions you need to start a conversation.

Tip #2

Now that you have learned some initial expressions, you may start to feel lazy about keeping learning. You should set a plan for each day. It will take you 15 minutes or 30 minutes a day to review your vocabulary and memorize a new one. Make notes in your room, your office and put them in front of your eyes. Each time you get a chance try to read them frequently. Set some mini-goals that you will achieve in a very short time.

Tip # 3

Listening is one of the keys to a better speaking. For instance, when you were a kid you started to make sentences by listening to your parents and the people surrounding. It is exactly the same secret that you need to focus on in order to become more fluent in English or any other language. Listening to the language makes you hear the patterns and you will automatically build an understanding of the sentence structure and even the tenses you should naturally use. You can start to listen to audiobooks as well.  The more you hear English conversations, the more speaking skills you will build. As long as you have access to the sounds of English, your ears and your brain will get accustomed to the new language and you will learn more than you realize!

Try to make a playlist of video discussions through YouTube. As a beginner or an intermediate, you will need to listen to people who can speak slowly. By improving your listening skill, you will be able to understand very fast discussions from native speakers and that will result in improving your way of expressing yourself.


Tip #4

The exclusive advice that you may not include in your plan is finding a native speaker to talk with. If you are not living in the same country that speaks the language you are about to learn, then you should consider the following advice. Many students are not able to buy a course or to go to a language school. However, many freelancers are ready to talk with you anytime. Through Fiverr, for example, you can find a service for $5 and the amount of time differs from one seller to another. You can simply order and have a very nice discussion for 15 min or more each week. Keep this advice in your list for the next steps.


Tip #5

As it was mentioned in the recent paragraph, you need to practice. The most important part is to speak it. You can`t learn how to speak if you don`t try to speak. Boost your confidence and start now. One of the amazing things to do is to record yourself. Use your imagination and start a discussion using all that you have learned. Also,  you can talk to yourself even if you may look weird. This is a fairly common habit that will help you to think in the same language. By recording yourself, you will have the opportunity to work more on your pronunciation and to find out the mistakes and the gaps you are making while speaking. So, speak out loud and have fun learning a new language!

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