VERO: Will It Be The Next Instagram?

What is VERO?  VERO is the new social network that has become the top-ranked social media app on both Google Play and App store. This app was launched in 2015 with the aim to make a radical change in the world of social media and how people interact with it. VERO attempts to let its users be more social and share things they like such as movies, books, TV, music, places, photos, and links in a very easy and astounding way. It is competing Instagram and Facebook for some specific features. Yet, it still lacks some technical features and has certain issues.

What is the difference between VERO and other social Platforms?

As many people are seeking true social experience, VERO is providing this online platform to enable its users to control more selective sharing. You can sort your connection into categories with regard to each friendship level, close friend, friend, acquaintance, or follower. Initially, the dashboard tab allows you to write a short bio and add an avatar to your profile adding to viewing your connections. Vero gives you more privacy, as it allows users to share content with specific contacts according to their closeness.

Vero is similar to Instagram.  Meanwhile, it is an advertising-free platform where the bidder has no place and there will be no data to sell or to collect, unlike Facebook. Vero reports that there will be no data mining or algorithms. Thus, the sorting of feeds is not algorithmically based. You are able in this case to see all the sharing information without missing any particular one. Companies can`t pay to boost their ads and posts. Facebook uses sorting algorithm to monetize and prioritize content in the user feed, Vero doesn`t. This is might be the reason why people are getting more interest in this new application. Moreover, a new “buy now” feature will allow people to buy directly from their posts. Companies must pay to use that feature.

Otherwise, Vero was offering a free subscription for only the first million to create their accounts. Likely, It can be a hook strategy to reach more people and to top the app store charts as the new hottest social media platform. But it has suddenly extended its free life offer after many demands.  f you are really interested in Vero you need to hurry up before they reach that ceiling. After this recent influx of interest, Vero is willing to charge a small annual fee.

Seemingly, the new app is getting a lot of negative feedback from their first subscribers. There are a lot of problems in overloaded servers. Because of its newfound popularity, the app is having constant service errors. Many people expressed their opinions of how it is unresponsive and slow. One of the major problems that are facing users is that they are unable to delete their accounts. A lot of questions still not been answered yet.

A sudden success seems to have taken a lot of users by surprise. The huge number of downloads and people feedbacks in social media make us expect an enormous success or a relative disuse. We cannot decide if this app is worthwhile along with this fervor. But it can be confirmed if it attracts a larger user base and starts to improve perpetually as more people join the tribe.

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