Set Up Your Campaign Through Bing Ads

The marketing process consists of several elements that allow a business to grow. One of the most substantial elements is advertising. This single component plays a great rule in running campaigns. Whether you are creating a marketing plan or not yet started, you should consider designing a marketing campaign with a clear target market. Advertising is one of the key elements in company`s success. It helps you inform your audience about the products you`re selling or the services you are providing. Online advertisement can generate leads thanks to technology. Customers are more likely to be accessible as it has never been that easier in the past.  With paid advertisement, it is now easy to reach more audience. In this article, we will discuss specifically the importance of Bing Ads in setting up your campaign.

What is Bing Ads?

Bing is a search engine that is operated by Microsoft, which has three search engines; Bing, AOL, and Yahoo. Advertising in one platform allows you to display ads in the two others. Thus, your ad is seen on all of the three. The concept behind Bing Ad is the same as Google Adwords. It is a PPC (pay per click) Platform that helps any business to drive traffic to its website and raise profit by targeting a specific audience. Many companies use Google Adwords and belittle using Bing ads, whereas Bing has significant results and some advantages that business owners may ignore. If you are already investing in Google ads campaigns, using Bing ads doesn`t mean you should stop using it.  Instead, there are some features you need to know. It is evident that when it comes to business marketing, you should be present in the locations your customers are also present.

Bing Ads General Features

Throughout this platform, it is allowed to include 80 characters in the description field. You are able to display URLs underneath the ad headline as it appears highlighted with bold formatting whereas Google Adwords don`t display this formatting. You can also add extensions to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram business pages. Furthermore, Bing Ads target an educated and older audience. So, they are more likely to react to the ads. Through the analytics, it is more obvious that people who are more engaged with sites and landing pages they visit, are Bing users.

The most question that some business owners would ask is, should I stop my campaigns from Google Adwords?

The answer is simply No! With Bing Ads, you are allowed to import your campaign from Google Adwords to Bing platform. Hence, you will not waste time creating new campaigns on Bing. This is a beneficial approach that you may apply to reach more people. Bing`s market share is expanding more, particularly in the United States. Meanwhile, it has almost 34% of the desktop search engine. It is growing faster than Google because of the growing use of Windows 10.

Bing Ads are cheaper

Many companies use Google Adwords as it reaches a wide audience but the competition is very big. However, Bing Ads are cheaper. According to WordStream, when comparing Google Adwords to Bing the average CPC is 33.5% cheaper on Bing. Advertisers get more for their dollars as clicks are cheaper. ReportGarden stated that CPC averages $20.08 on Google Adwords while, $7.99 on Bing Ads. It is also to mention that investing in Bing Ads can help you minimize costs and bring more traffic to your site but the traffic quality is also lower. Likewise, Bing Ads is getting more interested to have higher CTRs for financial services and shopping search verticals, since MSN and Yahoo both display financial reporting. This is a chance for more engagement and higher CTR.

Targeting options

One of the amazing features that Bing Ads provides is bidding for a various device type. Otherwise, you have the ability to decrease or increase the bid based on the type of the device the traffic is coming from whether desktops, tablets, and smartphones. There is also a possibility to choose not to run campaign ads in one of the devices.

Another sort of targeting is controlling search demographics. It is useful for marketers to specify an age group or a particular gender. Additionally, Bing makes it possible to assign multiple ad campaigns to different time zones.



Bing Ads offer a platform full of benefits and can upgrade your business enormously. As a customer of Bing Ads, you are able to take a training course that will grant you an accreditation exam. You will get a badge that can be displayed in your business and you will be recognized as a Bing Ads expert.

It`s understood that each business has a certain budget to allow to leverage one campaign or other. Both Google Adwords and Bing Ads can drive you more traffic and more positive results. But, it is time to consider setting up a Bing Ad campaign. You can start to enjoy unique features that Adwords doesn`t offer yet.  Simply, you can create a Bing Ad and below is how to set up a Bing Ads campaign.

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