Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids [Part 1]

Education tools has evolved so much in the last 20 years, students don’t relay on books anymore they have the internet which have radically change the way they do their homework and prepare for exams.  Apps have a big part in that change and a large portion of them are dedicated to kids. if you have a kid and you want them to learn in a fun easy way we suggest you begin from here, in this article we have listed the Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids.

So pick you favorite and start the education journey with your child.


  • Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

This game is just amazing! Kids completely love it. It has good animation and characters and fun challenges.

It’s about an alien named Om Nom who loves eating candy and it’s up to you to figure out what bubbles to pop and what ropes to cut to get the candy to Om Nom with the minimum amount of moves.

It is basically a puzzle game that forces the player to think twice before making a move. It will tach your kids how to solve a problem and think critically , they will aslso love Om Nom the cute little green gluttonous candy eating monster.

Each level is harder than the last and it is easy to become frustrated and agry, but the key to win is to be patient.

Download for: Android or iOS

  • Angry Birds

Angry Birds

It’s a very popular, well known game, that was released in 2009 and became so popular in 2010.

Angry birds made it far beyond just game popularity. They also made toys, 3D movies and animation movies based on the game story.

The objective of the game is that you get a set amount of birds and you have to fire them and hit the pigs sitting in small structures to kill them all, you get points when you hit the pigs and the structres they’re sitting on.

The game is very smooth with high quality graphics and it is very addictive once you start playing it.

As you progress into the levels they get much more harder and more obstacles coming the way.

Kids actually can learn from playing Angry Birds, it can teach them to never give up since they will fail in many levels, in order to win they have to try many times with different strategies to pass a level and sometimes you just need one well places move to pass the whole level.

It will also teach them to ask for help whenever they need it, maybe your friend or someone from your family has already played the game and passed the level you’re struggling to pass, and he can help get past that level.

Download for: Android or iOS

  • Evoland


Evoland is a pretty fun little RPG game that worth the buy for sure!

This game is perfect for kids who need help with focus and flexibility.

As the game progress, it get more difficult and more complex. Kids face new obstacles and challenges but they also obtain new items and abilities.

Your kids practice flexibility when they face these changes, adapt to them, and move on to new challenges.

Evoland is a good game to practice focus, it’s constantly changing, kids have to ignore distractions and focus on the task they have to finish.

It will develop the focus and the skills of making strategies to manage real life tasks and duties.

Buy for: Android

  • Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a huge multiplayer online GPS location-based game for iPhone and Android devices, that engages people to search places in the real world to find, train, and battle Pokemon.

It was developed by Niantic and they did a fantastic job with this game. With each new update they add more content to make it feel like a genuine classic Pokémon video game despite being played out in the real world. Revolutionary, fun, and good for exercise.

Addictive and fun for all. Fun to play with the kids and see the excitement of a new pokedex pokemon and hatching eggs!

It’s the perfect motivation for your kids to explore their neighbourhood and meet new people.

It will  gets your kids outside even if tehy like staying at home, they will get a lot of exercise and move their bodies while playing the game because they need to walk and discover new places in order to find new pokemon.

Pokémon Go will improve your kids memory while playing, they will learn about pokemon and remember their names and all the information about them.

Their curiosity will drive them to search on different sources such as watching youtube videos about Pokémon Go tips and hacks, which will develop their minds.

It’s a real-time experience for your kids with their hands on their phones, walking around with the GPS, they can invite their friends and make a team to find pokemon and share their successes and their strategies, that will teach them teamwork and communication.

Some kids start drawing pokemon characters and stories from what they had been doing before, it’s good to push their imagination limits and for them to be creative.

If your kids are pokemon fans, they will surely love the game and will play it till they catch them all.

Download for: Android or iOS

  • 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word

Great, entertaining, fun game with nice graphics! It will keep your kids minds sharp. Challenges the mind and sometimes the patience

The main advantage of playing 4 Pics 1 Word, is that it helps to sharpen the skills and improve mental acuity while solving the puzzles from the game.

You need to find the word needs that describes the common theme shared by 4 images.

This game is an amazing educational tool, not only fun & addictive.

It will help your kids to improve their problem solving skills, relational and their vocabulary skills.

It gets harder as you go to get to the other levels which helps keep your interest.

Some puzzles are pretty hard, kids playing it with their parents around will be much easier and more fun.

Download for: Android or iOS







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