5 steps to learn English and for FREE


Are you like millions of people who are trying to find a free way to learn English? Let me help you find the right online place to begin, and make the mission easy i have created 5 essential step for you to follows.

There are so many websites where you  can find free learning videos. But first, you will spend time to understand how they work, and then the real problem begins, when you discover that the way of learning is BAD, or pushes you to spend more time, in the aim of convincing you, to buy the full course or package.

So, what is the best way to learn English for free? Simply by practicing, by doing, and here I advise you to begin from here, from this article. Save it in your bookmarks to return to it quickly in nearest future. Not just to remember to 5 steps to learn english, but also to leave a comment or read the comments of other users. Now, what is the 5 steps you should follow? Let we see:

Duolingo interface
The interface of DuoLingo website

Step 1 / Duolingo / www.duolingo.com

Duolingo is really the best place to begin. This learning tool has a very simple and friendly interface, but the more important of those factors, is the availability of this tools on many platforms, you can begin with your PC and continue the training on your tablet or mobile, by using Duolingo App (Android, AppStore, Windows Store.

Before moving to the second step, please , don’t try to speed the process, because you will regret. Are you sure the time that you spent on Duolingo is enough ? Let me ask you the question by another way:

How much time have you spent on Duolingo till now ?

If you answer is one week, this means the time that you spent is not enough at all. You should spend at least one month on Duolingo, before moving forward to the next step.

Step 2 / Practice your language

A lot of students say that “there is no way to practice what we are learning on the internet “, NO WAY, this is not true, why? If you don’t have someone with whom you can discuss english with, than you can simply use the free call to USA. For example, if you are in France, all the calls to USA landlines and mobile numbers are free of charge from the most of french mobile and landline numbers. Also, if you are in India, you have the chance to use Skype to make Free calls to mobiles and landlines in the United States and Canada. Anyway, it is not hard to find a way to call USA for free, and like that you will have the chance to discuss with someone in english.

The idea is simple, look over the internet for any phone number of a company that you like its products. Like that, you will be able to call the sales team and ask many questions. In fact, the whole idea is about practicing, and testing your reaction when someone talks to you in English. Are you able to understand what you are hearing?? if not, don’t worry, you will understand everything by the time!! Just be patient and don’t be afraid during the discussion, be cute, cool and smile.

Step 3 / Memorize Words

The best way to make your English better and quickly, is to memorize new words. But how ? Maybe you will say “But I’m not young anymore, how can I do that?”  even if you have 80 years, if you want to learn, you will do, but be patient and remember my advice ” Repeat, Repeat, Repeat till you memorize“.

My Word Book

One of my favorite ideas to memorize quickly, is by using my mobile. For example, if you have an iPhone or an Android Phone,  find this free application on AppStore called MyWordBook, it is very simple to use, the whole idea is about adding the words that you want to memorize, with a translation to your language, a voice record (how to spell the word) and an example (this is means a sentence). Don’t worry, you will not be able to see the translation of the word, unless you click on the button, by this way, you will have the time to try and remember the meaning of the word.

Step 4 / Video Learning

So, did follow the first 3 steps? If YES, it is the time for “video learning”. You maybe wondering  why I left the video learning to the end . well the answer is : For a sample reason, if you watch some videos first, and find yourself bored by their teaching way, or you don’t understand globally what is happening, this means that you will get about 90% of possibility to leave the learning and repeat again the famous sentence in your language “I will never learn English”.

When you begin with step 1, you will focus on one tool to discover the language, I mean Duolingo. Step 2 will help you to practice with real people from USA, so you will be happy of your efforts in step 1.  Toward the end of Step 3, you will memorize your words by MyWordBook APP and discover how much you are able to save words in your memory. Now, it is the time to watch videos, to push your mind and to understand everything. But, which kind of videos you should watch?

I advice you to select the topic that you like on Ted.com, “TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less).” (Source)

Ted Website
The home page of ted.com website

Step 5 will be available soon.

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