Pixlr, Free Online image editing service by Autodesk


Do you want to edit your photo online before add it to your website? or maybe you need to create an image but you don’t have photoshop, NO? What you need in this case is an online image editing service, and for that we advise you to use Pixlr. This free online tool, is one of list of interesting free tools over the web, that you should test it. So easy to use and also you don’t have to install any software on your computer. Take a look of the following captures to take an idea:

pixlr_6 pixlr_5 pixlr_4 pixlr_3 pixlr_2 pixlr_1

In 2011, Autodesk has acquired this Online Photo Editing Service, Pixlr. So now, you have to make an account to use the service, but it is still free. Test it and give us your feedback.

Pixlr online image editing service is available on the following link:



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