Should You Start a Business During the Holidays ? The Answer is YES!

So you have been waiting for you big break ? your big chance to have a successful business ? well the holidays time is perfect for that. why? you ask, well here are few reasons to convince you :

  • Most shoppers are in a buying mood. If you plan to sell products this could work to your advantage, especially if you plan on starting a business that involves selling gift items.
  • You may be able to reap some tax advantages by starting a business before the end of the year, specifically by capturing some deductions, including, but not limited to office-in-home tax deductions.
  • Because stores are very competitive and offer extended sales during the holidays, you might be able to find some good deals on the supplies and equipment your need for starting a business, so you might conceivably get a bit of a break on your start up costs.

and now for some business ideas:

  • Crafts and Gift arrangements

Many areas have holiday bizarre and craft shows where you can rent a booth. Or sell them online through Etsy or your own website. If you don’t make crafts, you can purchase items and put them together in gift baskets. Examples include bath baskets, coffee and/or chocolate baskets, and a gardening basket.

  • Cards and Calendars.

Besides Christmas, there are a number of celebrations that fall in December, including Passover and Kwanza. During this season of gift-giving and card-sending, a computer whiz with a flair for creating cards and calendars will find lots of customers.

  • Outdoor Decor Service.

Putting up holiday lights and outdoor decorations is fun for some people and torture for others. Many people would happily pay someone a good price to take this chore off their hands.

  • Event catering

Holiday parties happen throughout the month of December, and many offices and organizations find themselves in need of a great caterer to make their party a success. As a skilled home cook that can create delicious meals for a large group of people, you can help alleviate the stress of planning and preparing food for their holiday get-together. Make sure you have enough kitchen space to prepare the meals and the means to transport the food to your clients.


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