Top 5 tools to learn english

Learning a language can be very challenging, new words, sounds, different grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. To make things a little bit easier we collected 5 great tools that will help learn english or enhance it if you already have knowledge of the language. So begin from here and expand your knowledge of this fascinating language :

1-Educational Websites


Free, easy and diverse these are the qualities of educational websites. The British Council program has to be my favorite of all of them, they provide hundreds of high-quality resources to help improve your English. BBC Learning English is also a very good website for beginners.


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The great thing about apps is that you can use them ANY where you want, so you have no excuse for not learning, for paid apps i suggest the following ones : MyWordBook , Spell Tower; Conversation English HD  and if you are looking for more free tools you can read about in this article written by our friend David.



if you don’t like books and grammar rules, forums are the best tool for you to learn english, so instead of memorizing words you practice them by talking to other people. here are some of the forums we like : englishclub, ecenglish, usingenglish.

4-Youtube videos

There are a lot channels dedicated to learning English, and this has to be the most used tool to learning of any sort, because you don’t to seat in front of a computer and type, you can easily put a video explaining a certain lesson in the background and carry on with you work. for this tool we suggest : Speak English with Misterduncan , Real English, BBC Learn English , British Council: Learn English Kids.

5-Paid courses

Now if you are looking to leaning english on a professorial level, you have to invest some money and believe me you will gain double what you have spent because mastering a second language can help with your career, so being form here and check our top advised courses:

Tuittio ( is an online tutoring site that connects you with bilingual tutors. You can have the first lesson for free and then pay for lessons each month. American & British Academy is specialized in teaching English online with its own methodology inspired in the natural method, simulating the intuitive manner in which mother tongues are learned and applying it to learning English online. Both British and American accents are covered, as denoted in the name American & British Academy.








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