Top 10 Educational Android Apps

If you are a student, emloyee, or whatever you do in life, these free apps will help you to be better at what you do.

Duolingo is a free app that helps you learn any language you want in a quick and easy way.

It is one of the most popular apps and one of the most effective language-learning methods.

With Dyolingo you can learn English, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Irish, Swedish, Danish, Esperanto, Polish and Turkish.

Learning a language has never been so easy!




Amazon Kindle gives you the best reading experience available on your phone, you can search and browse a wide range of educational books from your Android device!

It’s the perfect app for readers who are often on the go.

You can have access to your books wherever you are and whenever you want.

Amazon Kindle



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Photomath is a smart camera calculator and math assistant. It is designed to help students solve their math homework with step by step solutions.

You simply input an equation and the app simply gives you the answer.

This app is really a life saver for students who are not very skilled in math, you can use it  to check your homework for errors, so you can constantly improve your math skills.

Photomath - Camera Calculator




SoloLearn is an app developement studio who made many applications that helps people to learn programming in various languages. SoloLearn series provides high quality courses that are the best and easy way for beginners who wants to learn to code.





bfh ted

TED is the platform where you can find TED conferences, and TED conferences are presentations made by professionals in several industries who discuss various subjects in-depth, everything from body language to medicine, technology, psychology and a lot more.
This app will teach you so much and open your eyes to new and fascinating subjects. It’s an absolute must have for anyone interested in further education or if you’re simply a dreamer and love intellectual conversation. You will learn something new everyday and learn about things you might not otherwise ever come across or research.



bfh udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform where you are allowed to take or teach a course on almost anything. What is special about this app is that any course content you buy is available to you on any platform you are, on any given day ( PC, iOS, ANDROID).
You have also the ability to download only a part of -or – the entire course to use when offline on your mobile.
You can post course questions for the instructor to answer you as well as read prior Q&A from other course.




khan academy

Khan Academy is an app that allows you to learn about literally anything at any time for free.

Kids also can use this app as part of a school assignment or as a way to practice math concepts for test preparation or just explore the app for their own enjoyment.
You can learn by using videos, exercises, and articles in math, science, economics, art history, civics, finance, and more.

Khan Academy





Whether it’s languages and vocabulary or science and the arts, Quizlet is a great app for students who would like to study faster.
You can make your own flashcards or download thousands of flashcard sets created by other users.
Quizlet also has several study tools such as multiple choice tests and study games.






Quora is a place where you get to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. This is done through the question-and-answer format, but their mission is to allow you to have one place that will give you quality content on any doubt/question you have.
Content (questions, answers, posts etc) is organized into Topics, which you Follow, so that your Feed serves you what you would find interesting and engaging. You can always expect to be pleasantly surprised by what you find on here.
Quality here is effectively measured by number of Upvotes, and is then ranked before being served up to the Users.
Also, its a very supportive community, so you will easily find yourself at home.


bfh edx

With this app you will be able to get free online courses from the best institutions and universities in the world, such as Harvard University, Tsinghua University, Microsoft, Linux and more, in anything from computer science and engineering to nutrition and psychology and hundreds more.
You can also stream class videos to watch them directly on your device or download the courses to watch anytime.
This free learning app is a massive open online courses to anyone looking to improve their skills or people who wants a free education and loves learning.


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