Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids [Part 2]

For this article, I’ll be highlighting those games designed specifically to help your kids learn new things and improve their skills while having fun, I have already mentioned in my last article Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids [Part 1] some good games that your kids should have been playing them by now. In this one i’m listing another top 5 games and apps that your kids will love and will be passionate about.

  • Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga is very popular puzzle game.

It’s fun, addicting, colorful and your kids will love it.

You just have to swap candy pieces of the same color, horizontally or vertically in order to match them in a combination of three or more to win points and other bonuses. When you make a match the candies disappear and the other candy pieces will fall into the empty spaces.

The objective is to earn as many points as possible to get one, two or three stars.

Candy Crush Saga has more than 100 levels of gameplay with different game modes and fresh challenges everytime you progress into a new level.

Patience is everything in this game to achieve your goals, planning skills are also imortant, since in each level you have a maximum number of moves to use to pass a level. Kids will benefit from re-thinking and calculating before making a move. They also have to allow their minds to play using different strategies to approach different challenges.

Download for: Android or iOS

  • QuizUp


QuizUp is the best free trivia game available on Android and iOS devices.

It’s very unique because you can make so many new friends from the game community!

With over 250 categories and subcategories, you can choose any topic you want with enough questions in the database that aren’t often repeated.

You get 10 seconds to answer a multiple choice question in the topic you choosed.

The game will improve your kids knowledge in a fun, engaging, and competitive way. They can also choose an avatar or upload a picture of themselves and play against their friends or family members.

The ten seconds to answer a question is a very good method to teach your kids how to manage and use their time, time managment is an important skill in this game since the faster player wins.

Trivia games are based on everyday life knowledge, so your kids will be able to convert the information they learnd and apply it to their daily life pracitices.

QuizUp will also improve your kids memory, sometimes questions get repeated and your kids will make sure they remember the correct answer.

Download for: Android or iOS

  • Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is a simple game where all you have to do is slicing pieces of fruit that jump into the screen using your fingers while holding the device sideways.

As the game progresses, more fruit jump on and fall of your device screen, and you can slice multiple fruit at once to get combos and win more points.

You loose the game when you miss three fruit that haven’t being sliced. In advanced levels, bombs appear on the screen, and if you slice bombs by accident you will loose the game. The objective is to win as many points as possible.

Fruit Ninja will teach your kids Self-Control, since the fruit jump on and falls of the screen without any warning , your kids will learn how to control their reaction to slice the maximum amount of fruit and get the maximum amount of points. Bombs are thrown up to surprise the players, if they don’t know how to control their reaction, they will easily loose the game.

Don’t forget that slicing multiple pieces of fruit at once will get you more points and combos, so you will learn to not slice mindlessly and that you should wait for the right moment to slice the fruit when they line up.

Focus is also a good skill that your kids will learn from Fruit Ninja, they will learn how to substain their attention since they need to stay focused so they don’t miss any slice.

Download for: Android or iOS

  • SocialChess


SocialChess is a competitive and educational fun way to play chess with friends, family or with random people.

SocialChess uses a wins/losses/draws algorithm to calculate the players’ Elo rating, which allows you to find suitable opponents and helps users to track your progress.

Chess improves concentration and memory, it also enhances reading and math skill. It will make your kids more creative and it will put their logic and critical thinking in action. For kids who have a passion for learning and winning, SocialChess is the app for you.

Download for: iOS

  • Lifeline


Lifeline is a fun and unique game to play, it’s an interactive reading text-based sci-fi thriller game where you can create your own adventure book. Basically it’s an interactive book where you make decisions on how the story should continue by simply asking questions and the story character answers them.

Flexibility is a new skill that you kids will learn from this game with adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and surprising expectations.

The game needs planning and problem-solving skills, so your kids skills will improve playing this game.

There are also many opportunities to practice self-awareness and time management while playing,

Lifeline isn’t really for traditional games fans, but it might be interesting for book lovers.

If your kids love reading and learning and you want them to be creative, then they should have this game on their mobile phones.

Buy for: Android or iOS


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