Top 6 New Halloween Apps for Android and iOS

The Halloween holidays have come and when everyone is busy with costume parties and coming back home to their families, you can’t have enough time to play on your PC or on your gaming console, so you may want to play games while you’re traveling or when your on spare time. In this article i picked up 6 high quality mobile games that are also elaborately considered and designed like PC games quality and online video games, that you can play anywhere and whenver you want.

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2


This game is challenging at times, but not impossible. You need to be competitive, but it is also easy going and fun at the same time.

Highly fun gameplay with with high quality graphics and enjoyable characters and plenty of levels to play, all of which you will surely enjoy without paying anthing because it is totally free, but it has in app purchases if you want to get new plants and upgrades, many of the premium plants are great fun and a great way to pass a level fast, but they aren’t necessary to progress or to level up.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is better than the original game, this one has many levels , so many new plants , new minigames and more …

Download for Android & iOS

  • Turned: Zombie


Turned gives a real facial photo effects that makes you look like a real zombie.

You just need to upload a facial picture of you or a selfie, apply effects from the app, and you’re officially a zombie now.

Hollywood special effects is now available to you and for free, with the many different effects to choose from, you can create a new and unique photo everytime you use the app.

When you’re done editing your picture, you can share it with friends on Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or via email…

Download for iOS

  • Ghostbusters: Slime City


This game is very entertaining and also very addictive, you should definitely give it a try if you are a real ghostbusters fan.

New York has been overrun by ghosts and phantasms, your mission is to defeat the ghoulish ghosts and demons in order to defend and save the city.

The environments and the characters in thge game are cartoony and well stylized. The colors are very vibrant and varied, and the particle effects are very professional and the sounds that come out of the proton pack are spectacular.

Available for both devices Android and iPhone for free.

Download for Android & iOS

  • Bubble Witch 2 Saga


The game was launched a couple years ago, but the many new updates it became one of the best games that you can have on your phone when it’s halloween. This version is much better than the first.

Talking about the game, it’s a simple bubble shooting puzzle game made by the same creators of the famous well known candy crush games, the graphics in this game are done very well and the music is not off putting.

Download for Android & iOS

  • Halloween HD Live Wallpaper


Best Halloween wallpaper to have on your phone. Both background themes options are creepy, spooky and awesome.

You can customize your own wallapaper by choosing the number of bats and crows in it, and also change and control the animation speed.

Super smooth app and it won’t kill your battery, so give it a try.

Download for Android

  • Halloween Salon


We can’t finish the article without a special game for little girls to play it in the halloween holidays.

For girls who are crazy about costume parties you can design your own now!

Halloween Salon provides you with all sorts of strange halloween clothes, unique facial make-up,  new colorful masks, you can dress up as spooks or ghosts or like walking skeleton or simply dress up as witches and wizards in a party where has been filled with black cats and bats.

Download for Android

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