The best tools over the web for Designers and Developers


It’s not easy to find the best tools to develop or design a website over the internet, you have to find and find and lose many hours to do that, so let me help you to save your time, by providing the best tools over the internet for you, Designers and Developers.

For Designers


Do you want to begin the design a website, so you need photoshop and some nice icons that you can find on the following websites:

Icons finders

Icon finder is the most famous website to find a nice look icon, that you can integrate it later in your design. To make the search of icons easy, try to write in the search box like that:

Office table = to find an Excel icon or a table icon
Folder open = to find an open folder icon.


Icons finders

On this website also you can find a lot of nice icons, it’s new but it looks good, this is how the owner presents it:

IconArchive is a professional tag based icon search engine with more than 330,000 icons for web developers, end users and graphic artists. Also it is an inspiration source for new design ideas and a place to enjoy beautiful icons. You can collect, organize & share your favorite icons here with ease.

Icon Shock

This is also a nice website to find cool icons, as mentioned on the website ” We’ve 1153117 stock icons in 303 icon sets Don’t miss our application icons and our great icon collections “. The icons here is more bigger than elsewhere. Make sure about the copyright details, and enjoy using this service.

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I will update this post each time I find a new interesting tool!


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