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Raincoast Trading

Raincoast Trading
Business Name: Raincoast Trading
Country: United States
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superior seafood products

Raincoast Trading has been selling premium wild seafood products since 1995. Based in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, the company is proud to offer consumers sustainably-harvested, gourmet canned seafood.

The original founder of Raincoast Trading came by his concern for the future of fish and their habitat legitimately. Mike Wick’s family has been in the fishing business for four generations and he learned very young to embrace environmental stewardship and responsibility. In January of 2013 Raincoast Trading was acquired by St. Jeans Cannery and Smokehouse also a family business located in Nanaimo, B.C. that has been providing high-quality smoking, hand packing, and canning on the West Coast for 50 years. It is the largest cannery serving the B.C. sport fishing industry and the only cannery in Canada that processes tuna. Unlike other canneries, St. Jean’s uses special techniques to preserve the quality of the fish. Tuna is filleted off the bone and goes into each can raw where it is single-cooked to preserve the fish’s natural oils. Conventional tuna is typically double-cooked and packed in water.

Raincoast Trading adheres to the highest sustainability standards when catching, processing and packaging its seafood. The company’s seafood is single-cooked and packed in natural fish oils, which results in a rich, dense flavour and loads of extra nutrition typically not found in most canned seafood products.

Raincoast Trading is the first Canadian packaged retail seafood company endorsed by the respected Ocean Wise™ conservation program as an environmentally-friendly seafood choice for retail grocers and consumers around the world.

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