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Business Name: Logic
Country: United States

LOGIC now is the only 100% SaaS ITSM solution for IT pros who manage organizations from just a few to up to tens of thousands of endpoints that span multiple locations and functions, securing and managing their systems and data.

We provide the only collective intelligence solution, using analytics and machine learning that brings together all the data across the platform to provide knowledge and actionable insights to our users, increasing the effectiveness of the IT pro.

Our ITSM product suite includes MAX Risk Intelligence, MAX Remote Management, MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery, MAX Mail, and MAX Service Desk.

LOGICnow’s History

It all started in 2001. That was the year that LOGICnow first broke ground supporting IT professionals with cloud-based remote management tools. Since then, we’ve developed our platform around several key themes with one idea in mind: to innovate constantly and provide the biggest and best IT service management platform on the planet. And we’re just getting started.

The Visionaries behind LOGICnow

One person built the leading remote management tool from the ground up. Another founded several data-focused tech companies over his career. Our visionary leadership team brings years of groundbreaking experience to make LOGICnow what it is.

While bios never do people justice, we can at least give it a shot:

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Business Address: The Vision Building, 20 Greenmarket, Dundee DD1 4QB, United Kingdom
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