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Halogen Software

Halogen Software
Halogen Software
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People matter most

At Halogen, we believe people matter most. They’re every company’s biggest investment and every company’s greatest competitive differentiator.

Winning with talent

Companies that invest in attracting, developing, engaging and retaining talent have a distinct competitive advantage. It’s why we invest in our people and why other successful companies do too. It’s how you win with talent.

Driving performance

As the only vendor to offer a complete talent management suite purpose-built to drive performance, we’re uniquely positioned to help companies win with talent. That’s what talent management is really all about: helping people perform brilliantly.

A talent management world leader with a unique approach

Powerful, simple-to-use, affordable solutions…

Our talent management solutions help companies put next-generation performance management at the heart of their talent strategy. This ensures all talent programs – recruitment, learning, succession, and compensation – are tightly connected to and reinforce improved, ongoing performance and brilliant business outcomes.

A relentless focus on customer success

We know change is hard. That’s why we work with organizations that want to focus on what really matters to their business and their people. We understand what it takes to revitalize talent management programs that deliver exceptional business outcomes.

From initial strategy and getting companies started with the right solution, to helping manage the change and supporting end-user adoption, we’re there for our customers at every point in their talent management journey.

Giving the world a better way to manage talent

With more than 2000 customers globally – one of the largest groups of customers – we understand the unique needs of businesses in the mid-enterprise. And we’ve been at the forefront of transforming performance and talent management practices for more than a decade.

Through our large global footprint, winning strategy and focus on profitable growth, we’re driving the future of performance management and delivering on our promise to help our customers win with talent.

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