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Business Name: Eldarion
Country: United States
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Eldarion Story

Since 2009, Eldarion has been helping organizations of all shapes and sizes employee a proven and repeatable method of getting from idea to launch faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

Eldarion brings expertise far beyond what it takes to simply develop a website. As experts in rich application development, we understand better than a typical digital agency what’s involved in launching a product to market.

We know from our years of experience about the challenges that you face turning your business vision into reality. Addressing the obstacles related to getting an idea to launch early in the process can mean the difference between success and failure.

Our Approach

We’re entrepreneurs who work for entrepreneurs. Our expertise spans both the business and technology worlds and the culture within our organization revolves around understanding technology within the context of business.

Our customers value our rapid time-to-market expertise. We manage our development in an open and transparent way. It’s easy for our clients to see what we’re working on throughout the project. We’re proud of the quality of our code craftsmanship. We don’t take shortcuts. We build it right while still offering rapid time-to-market execution.

We are experts with open source. Our team members lead or contribute to a range of projects including Python, Django, Pinax and many individual Django apps. Eldarion doesn’t waste time reinventing commonalities. By leveraging open source we’ve built a reusable foundation and application base that serves as the perfect springboard for making new ideas happen fast.

Eldarion offers a holistic view of product development. We know how the parts fit together, and we work together with our clients as a team. We understand what it takes to go from idea to launch.

We use GitHub as our code host, Trello for tracking progress on stories and Eldarion Cloud for rapid deployment of prototypes and development branches at every stage.

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Business Phone Number: 603-888-5664
Business Address: 1600-1616 Champa Street, Denver, CO 80202, USA
ZIP Code: 80202
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