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Brilliant Directories

Brilliant Directories
Business Name: Brilliant Directories
Country: United States
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Once Upon a Time…

In 2009, lifelong friends, Matthew Brooks and Jason Haloossim, dreamed of using their combined talents to create something awesome. Matthew’s experience in web development and Jason’s passion for design led to the creation of their first directory website which was developed from the ground up.

While still working daytime jobs, Matthew and Jason began investing sleepless nights towards creating a platform that would allow them to scale their original idea, and expand it into infinite directory website possibilities.

By 2010, Matthew and Jason had launched over 250 online directory websites using the platform they built. Once word of their software spread, friends and family requested to use the platform for their own directory projects. Later that year, Matthew and Jason made the decision to quit their daytime jobs and moved into an apartment together in Marina Del Rey, California. There, they founded — Brilliant Directories.

With a shared vision, Matthew and Jason set out to create a first-class solution with a strong focus to save people time and money compared to traditional web development.

Today, Brilliant Directories continues to be led by the original spirit and commitment that Matthew and Jason began with back in 2009.

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Business Phone Number: 1 (800) 771-9332
Business Address: Marina Del Rey, CA
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