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Business Name: BoldChat
Country: United States
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In a noisy world, BoldChat empowers brands to break through.

The most powerful way for our customers to differentiate themselves is to provide the very best engagement and support possible. That’s what BoldChat enables. A chat solution that truly embodies their unique brand. Customer communication that’s consistent across all channels and devices. Because these benefits are key to getting business. And keeping business.

Right now, many solutions out there are generic, cookie-cutter products that don’t allow companies to express their unique voice. It’s time to elevate the conversation.

We empower you.

BoldChat gives our customers the control and flexibility to distinguish themselves in the marketplace by unleashing their personality.

We streamline communications.

BoldChat allows customers to easily manage all of their points of contact (live chat, email, Twitter, SMS, auto answers and video chat) for a consistent, user experience across all channels and devices.

We make it easy.

BoldChat is easy to implement, easy to scale and easy to use. And whenever customers need extra features, insights or optimization, our superior professional services and support teams can help.

Powered by LogMeIn, innovators of connectivity

BoldChat is powered by LogMeIn, a solution provider whose mission is to simplify the way people connect to each other and the world around them to create amazing outcomes – for both our customers and theirs. To date, we’ve facilitated over 300 million connections between people, devices and objects around the world.

LogMeIn turns the impossible into Simply Possible.

We believe that possibility increases with connectivity. The more connections that businesses and individuals make, the more possibilities and opportunities emerge for the taking. That’s why we build solutions that simplify the way people connect to each other and the world around them.

  • (NASDAQ:LOGM) Global public company founded in 2003
  • One of the world’s leading SaaS companies with 1,000+ employees in 10 global offices
  • Our solutions span Customer Engagement & Support, Collaboration, and Identity & Access Management
BoldChat and Rescue drive Customer Engagement & Support.

We believe technology innovation enables faster issue resolution, better experiences, and ultimately, happy customers. BoldChat and Rescue make it possible for product and technology manufacturers, internet retailers and service companies to seize every moment as an opportunity to engage and create truly memorable experiences. Unlike legacy tools, we deliver a best-in-class solution that:

  • Creates seamless experiences across pre-sales, service and remote technical support functions
  • Personalizes customer experiences using contextually relevant data
  • Empowers agents to deliver fast, efficient, and frictionless service
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