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Client is a small producer of boutique fashion goods, with products sold to a niche market. So far the client failed to successfully market themselves or generate any substantial sales through their website.

our solution

Identify competitors, analyse their advertising strategy and develop a better marketing approach to overcome competition. Improve website visibility with search engine optimization for specific keywords and monitor progress with Aelevate Ranking. Feature strategic products on high traffic sites with Aelevate Showcase. Establish customer connection and improve customer satisfaction with Aelevate Connect and Aelevate Social.


Significant increase in customer interest and noticeable improvement in traffic quality. Store went from virtually no sales to having multiple sales a day. Improvement in search engine ranking and visibility.

customer testimonial

“Aelevate helped drive customers to my store in ways that were completely unexpected, way beyond traditional advertising. I used to only sell locally but my business has expanded because of online sales alone, I am thrilled with the results so far. I was also surprised with the ease of use of your service, the entire solution is combined into a simple and elegant interface. I am very pleased and would recommend you guys in a heartbeat.”

Vivian Wilson
Founder, Designer

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